With so many different lenses on the market today, it may be difficult trying to figure out what you need –  anti-fatigue lenses, single vision lenses, bifocal or progressive lenses. Your Optometrist and Optician can help you determine the best lens for you but here is a little background on the Anti-Fatigue Lens.

In recent years, our doctor has prescribed an increasing number of anti-fatigue lenses to our patients. The reason for this is that in this age of digital technology, we place a huge strain on our eyes as we focus on reading and watching small screens on digital devices for extended periods of time. This continued stress can result in eye strain, headaches and tiredness as the eye’s internal lens accommodates to the required plus power to focus at such short distances.

Anti-Fatigue lenses are designed to reduce stress by adding a slight magnification to the lower portion of the lens allowing the eye muscles to relax. Anti-fatigue lenses are ideal for the pre-presbyope and provides a bridge between single vision and Progressive Lenses.

Due to the fact that the magnification is small, adaptation to this lens is very easy, with most wearers not noticing any huge difference at first but feeling the benefits with reduced eye strain and headaches and a more comfortable experience in general for the eyes. Also, if you are spending extended periods of time on digital devices, a blue light blocking coating is also recommended.

The average age range of Anti-Fatigue Lens users are in their late twenties to thirties and early forties. If you are suffering from any of the symptoms mentioned above, the best course of action would be to visit your Optometrist as he or she will be able to determine if an anti-fatigue lens is a good fit for you.